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Zhejiang Sanmei Refrigeration Accessories

Facing opportunity of traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading, Sanmei positively responses call of state “Internet plus”. Thus Zhejiang Sanmei Refrigeration Accessories Co., Ltd. was founded in June, 2015. Leading product is “Sanmei” brand refrigerating fluid products. And we build promotion and selling channel towards internet selling and offline marketing.

In July, website of Sanmei Refrigeration Shopping Mall was put on line. We can fine our website on Baidu search. In Wechat, you can enter into Vshop by searching of Sanmei Refrigeration. Meanwhile we have set up mobile APP.

In offline promotion, our business personnel actively learn practical condition and real demand of wide customers. We provide not only products but also appropriate solutions. Through their feedback and suggestion, we make efforts to serve them with better products and service.