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Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Incorporated Company

High quality material is basis of excellent product. Our company is located in Wuyi County of Zhejiang, famous fluorite hometown, enjoying rich fluorite resources. Fluorite here has features of high grade and little impurity. This is excellent foundation for manufacturing of high-quality products.

Except natural resources, there are advanced equipment, leading technique, scientific management system. We lay emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our quality policy is “industry leading, famous brand, constant improvement” and our quality target is “zero scrap, zero rework, zero sales return and zero compliant”. We implement ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system. What’s more, our products are well recognized by wide users.

In addition, we know very well that safety is productivity and environment is competitive force. Since establishment, we are committed to safety operation and environmental protection to ensure of sustainable development. Our company has been awarded of many honor titles and prizes, for example, “Zhejiang CP Authenticated Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Safety Production Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Big Taxpayer”, “Zhejiang AAA Level Credit Enterprise”, and “Jinhua Top 100 Credit Enterprise”.

Your praise is driving force of our development. In future, we expect to grown up with you under your support.