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Corporate culture

Enterprise idea:
Business goals, employing ideas, business philosophy, management philosophy, quality concept, enterprise spirit


Enterprise target:
The world moved through labor, the pursuit of longevity, sustainable development of enterprises, enterprises, employees and society to form a "community of destiny", provide the cause for employees, providing security, pride of life for employees and their families, and through the tax and employment opportunities, appropriate sponsorship and other ways to serve the society.


Using the concept of human:
Have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first (the premise of staff recruitment and promotion)
Fair competition, survival of the fittest (the company to create a competitive mechanism for the employees)
Care about respect and encouragement to create the environment for the employees.
Honesty and integrity, unity and self-discipline (the company's requirements for staff)
In the "people-oriented, have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first" principle for all people, and gathering talents, strive for employee company to create a fair and equal environment, care and care for employees, tolerate honest mistakes, respect the staff's initiative, creativity and encourage employees to play. The company requests the staff to be objective and honest to discover the problem, solve the problem, carry forward the team spirit, in order to achieve the enterprise goal together.


Management idea:
Dedicated to customer service (user satisfaction is our work standards)
Pursuing the maximum value (with the lowest cost as much as possible wealth creation is the foundation of our present)
Regard customer as God, in order to meet market demand for the company, with a good corporate image, quality products and service to win the market.


Management idea:
ZeQuanLi unity, focus on work results (+ right + responsibility interest = results)
Employee goals and enterprise goals (goals, concerted efforts)
Everybody has something to do, everything has a tube (clear division of labor, because it is located in the post)


Quality concept:
Continuous improvement, never meet
Quality is the decisive factor in market competition, to spare no effort to improve the quality of products and services to improve the quality level, the quality of employees, to improve the quality, reduce manufacturing costs, to provide consumers with the best price performance ratio of products.