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Mixed refrigerant R417A


UN Number: 1078         Danger Class: 2.2

Physical property:

molecular weight 106.75
boiling point, °C -41.8
critical temperature, °C 89.9
critical pressure, Mpa 4.10
ODP 0.000
GWP100 2130

Quality index(AHRI 700-2019):

appearance colorless and clear
odor odorless
purity, % ≥99.5
moisture, % ≤0.001
acidity, % ≤0.0001
evaporated residue, % ≤0.01
Chloride,% Pass
Foul Gas in Air Phase,% ≤1.5

Uses: as refrigerating fluid replacing of R22.

Packing specification: disposable steel cylinder 25lb/11.3kg; recoverable steel cylinder 926L; ISO-tank

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