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Difluoromethane HFC-32


molecular formula: CH2F2   Difluoromethane(1,1-Difluoromethane)         UN NO: 3252           Danger Class: 2.1

Physical property:

molecular weight 52.02        boiling point(1amt)℃        -52        
melting point,℃  -137 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
density(25℃) liquid, g/cm³   0.960 vapour pressure(25℃),Mpa 1.70
critical temperature,℃          78.52 critical pressure,Mpa 5.808
critical density ,g/cm³ 0.430 specific heat(25℃)liquid,KJ/Kg℃ 2.35
water solubility℃,W% 0.440 GWP100 677
ODP 0    

Quality index(HG/T 4634-2014):

appearance Colorless, Clear
purity,%  ≥99.8  
moisture,% ≤0.001 
acidity,%  ≤0.0001
evaporated residue,% ≤ 0.01
High Boiling Residue, ppm by volume     ≤50
Chloride,% Pass
Foul Gas in Air Phase,% ≤1.5

Packing specification: Disposable cylinder 6.6lb/3kg; Recyclable steel cylinder, 40L/30kg, 926L/670kg; ISO tank.  

Uses: Used as refrigerant, important component for the substitute of R22.

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